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The Workshops are coming to back to Harrison High School this November and spaces will go fast. Click here for more information and for a complete schedule, or call 770-262-7009.  If you are ready to register you may click here.




The facts are clear:

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens.

1 in 4 teens crashes during their first year.

Driver's ed historically has produced no measurable reduction in crash rates.


The Accident Avoidance Workshops reduces the likelihood of your student crashing by more than 75%. So you decide ... which training do YOU want? The State's "absolute minimum requirements" haven't changed in 30 years, but driving has, and so have our roads. As a result, the State has lost such confidence in their own driver training program, they don't even require it anymore. We think your child deserves more than the minimum. We think your child deserves a fighting chance on today's roads, and we hope you will want to give them the tools they will need to survive in today's world. 




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